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Premium Hi-Speed Digital Color Photo Printer

Ideal for Photo Booths or Kiosk Stations with Limited Space

Exceptional Quality, Dependable Product Reliability, Fast Printing and Outstanding Durability. Mitsubishi Electric’s CP-D90DW full-featured event photo printer is a quick, lightweight professional photo printer with a space-saving single deck design.

The CP-D90DW is the best printer Mitsubishi Electric has ever designed for Photo booths and Event Photographers. At 155 square inches, its compact footprint makes it fit installations of many kinds. Equipped with versatile connectivity options, small, low-powered devices and computers like a Stick PC, tablets or mobile phones with the appropriate controlling apps can easily be powered and used to control the CP-D90DW printer, providing options such as wireless printing, building a cost-efficient print station, etc. through the connected devices. Jam-packed with features like built-in image processor, auto image-optimizers and a rewind feature that enables users to print multiple print sizes from just one roll of media, the CP-D90DW printer is the ideal workhorse for your photo booth or event printing needs.

New, Panoramic Printing Solution!

Panorama printing has arrived for the CP-D90DW. Simply download and update your CP-D90DW Firmware and Panoramic Drivers to start printing 6×14″ and 6×20″ formats. No additional software needed. No SDK or external accessories required. Requires 6×8″ media.

CLICK HERE – to download the Firmware and Driver updates (Win. & Mac) to start printing panoramic photos!

System Flexibility

multiple print sizes
The CP-D90DW is equipped with 2 power ports for additional connectivity (DC output terminals: 5V 2A and 12V 2A). Small, low-powered computers like a tablet, stick PC, or mobile devices can easily be powered through one of two ports directly from the printer, supporting a broader range of possible applications such as wireless printing, helping build a cost-efficient printing station more easily.

CLICK HERE – to watch how  many ways you can setup the CP-D90DW



With a footprint of 10.8″ x 14.4″ the new, compact design of the CPD90DW strategically minimizes protruding and hanging cables for a neat, space-saving installation. This is one of the world’s smallest dye sub printer footprints (82% smaller than the CPD70DW), providing overall space and cost savings in every system installation you can imagine.

Enhanced Rewind Function

The new rewind function featured with the CP-D90DW offers cost savings to maximize media usage, and better work-flow efficiency that minimize impact on print speed, while giving users the convenience of printing multiple size photographs using only one single type of media.

Outstanding Print Quality

Mitsubishi Electric’s CP-D90DW comes with an Image Analyzing Engine built-in to enable faster printing without compromise on image quality. Each image received is built and analyzed within the printer processor with its print density and details analyzed and printed accordingly, yielding the best result with every photo printed. The new, built-in humidity sensor restrains effect of humidity change and brings stable high quality.

Deeper Black

print quality


The built-in image processor of the CP-D90DW reduces the processing workload of external computers, cutting down the overall initialization time of the first print output of every job it receives.

Automatic Optimization of Printing Speed

The improved thermal head cooling design of the CP-D90DW allows it to print more than 450 4″ x 6″ prints per hour.*

*An average single 4x6 print on a 6x8 media kit set for two 4x6 multi-cut.

Support Multiple Sizes on Larger Media Kits

Supports various print sizes through the printer driver or via SDK for customized applications.


CP-D90DW is designed for ease of use and quick maintenance with front-loading design for media.

Easy Media Loading


CP-D90DW incorporates a separator design to distribute airflow separately to the power supply and the printing thermal head.
The effective air cooling increases the throughput while reducing print contamination.



Print Method:
  • Dye sublimation thermal transfer
  • 300 DPI
Print Speed:
  • 3.5'' x 5'' - Approx. 8.4 sec. (Fine Mode, Auto Mode - Light Image), Approx. 16.7 sec (Auto Mode – Dark Image, Ultra Fine Mode
  • 4'' x 6'' - Approx. 7.8 sec. (Fine Mode, Auto Mode - Light Image), Approx. 16.7 sec (Auto Mode – Dark Image, Ultra Fine Mode
  • 5'' x 7'' - Approx. 13.2 sec. (Fine Mode, Auto Mode - Light Image), Approx. 28.7 sec (Auto Mode – Dark Image, Ultra Fine Mode)
  • 6'' x 8'' - Approx. 14.6 sec. (Fine Mode, Auto Mode - Light Image), Approx. 32.1 sec (Auto Mode – Dark Image, Ultra Fine Mode)
Print Area:
  • Edge-to-edge
  • 256 per color, 16.7 million colors
Print Format:
  • 3.5 x 5''
  • 4 x 6''
  • 5 x 7''
  • 6 x 8''
  • 6 x 14''
  • 6 x 20''
  • 3.5'' x 5'' - Approx. 450 prints
  • 4'' x 6'' - Approx. 400 prints
  • 5'' x 7'' - Approx. 230 prints
  • 6'' x 8'' - Approx. 200 prints
  • 6'' x 9'' - Approx. 180 prints
  • 6'' x 14'' - Approx. 100 prints
  • 6'' x 20'' - Approx. 66 prints


Buffer Memory:
  • 128MB Volatile Memory for Temporary Retention
  • USB 2.0
Driver Software:
  • Windows 7 (32-bit)
  • Windows 7 (64-bit)
  • Windows 8 (32-bit)
  • Windows 8 (64-bit)
  • Windows 10 (32-bit)
  • Windows 10 (64-bit)
  • OS X 10.6
  • OS X 10.7
  • OS X 10.8
  • OS X 10.9
  • OS X 10.10
  • OS X 10.11
  • 10.8 (W) x 9.3 (H) x 14.4 (D)''
  • Approx. 30 lbs. (13.5 kg)
Power Supply:
  • AC 100 - 240V 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption:
  • 12V / 2.0A max
  • 5V / 2.0A max




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Mitsubishi CP-D90DW

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