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The WCM2 Print is DNP’s newest and easiest wireless printing device, allowing wireless printing from mobile devices (iPhone®, iPad,and Android devices), Windows PCs, and Mac® and direct printing using the WCM Print.

WiFi Hotspot
The WCM2 Print creates its own WiFi hotspot that allows wireless printing without the need for an internet connection.

WCM Portal
The WCM Portal includes new admin controls that are easy to navigate. Set which print sizes are made available, manage WCM Print functions, and other settings to customize the user experience.

Connects to Your Network
The WCM2 Print can connect to other networks via WiFi or ethernet to allow you to print as well as connect to social networks for uploads.

WCM Print
Allows pictures that are stored locally on the device to be selected using the WCM Print and sent directly to the printer.


Compatible Printers

QW410, DS40, DS620A, DS-RX1HS, DS820A


iOS 11 & later, macOS 11.1, 11.0, & 10.15, Windows 10, Android 9 & later

USB Ports

2 - allows for connection to two DNP printers.

WiFi Hotspot

802.11 b/g/n standards


How to Set Up DNP's WCM!

How to Get the Best Prints With DNP's WCM


Troubleshooting DNP's WCM

Wireless Connect Module WCM2

Software Update Release

WCM2 Right _1_.png

A software update for the WCM2 is now available: Version

This new release contains the following enhancements:

  • Bug fix for QW410 prints having a white edge
  • Fix to French language translation error.

To determine if an update is available for your Wireless Connect Module, connect the WCM2 to the internet using the following steps:

  • Connect your iOS, Android, Laptop, or PC to the WCM Hotspot.
  • Dnpwcm-xxx – the last three digits are unique to each WCM2.
  • Open the WCM portal in a web browser. Enter in the address bar.
  • Connect the WCM2 device to the internet either by connecting an Ethernet connection or by connecting to a local Wi-Fi network.
  • An Ethernet connection usually increases processing speeds and will allow the WCM2 to update faster.
  • To connect to a local Wi-Fi network, go to Network Settings / Wi-Fi Connection in the WCM2 portal and enter the network SSID and password.

How to update

Update your WCM2 using the following steps:

  • A notification will appear in the main menu indicating that an update is available.
  • This may take a short while as it checks the update server.


  • Select Software Update to check the current version of software and, if an update is available, the latest version will also be shown.
  • Tap Update to install the update. Allow several minutes for the update to complete.


Note: the WCM2 update cannot be uninstalled or rolled back to a previous version.

  • A WCM2 test print welcome page will print after the update is complete unless the welcome page has been turned off.

If you have any questions, please contact DNP Support or ABS Imaging Systems.

DNP WCM2 Print Wireless Connect Module

  • Brand: DNP
  • Product Code: WCM2
  • Availability: Out Of Stock
  • $199.00
  • $169.00

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