Justin L. 31/10/2017

2 Hands down ... Bob is a great guy ... Willing to help anyway that he can. Great Products, Good Prices and an all around Great Company ... Thanks for everything Bob!..

Adam S. 15/05/2019

Anyone needing a Photobooth printer or photo printer, Bob Atkinson at ABS Imaging Systems, Inc. is my guy and should be yours too! Top notch service and explanation of everything...

Jack H. 03/07/2023

Bob -- You are hands down my favorite and most reliable vendor. Thank you for all the great years and ones to come. ..

Max S. 26/04/2023

ABS is the best. I order a lot of media from Bob and even a bought a few photo booth printers. Great rates and awesome SERVICE. He gets the orders out fast and helps keep my business running smoothly. Thank you ABS!..

Carmin R. 02/10/2023

I've been working with ABS Imaging for about a year now. They are my go to supplier for media on my DNP printer. Media is always available at this location. They also have DNP printers in stock. I purchased a brand new DNP RX1HS printer from them as well. Which I needed same day for an event since my old printer got damaged right before my event. Bob opened his office on a Saturday morning so I can get a new printer same day and have it for my event that night. Can't thank him enough! My overall experience with ABS Imaging has been outstanding. Their exceptional customer service makes them a top choice for any business in need of a reliable supplier. I highly recommend them...

Phillip M. 03/12/2018

I usually order my printing supplies on amazon. The item I needed usually takes a week or two and doesn't have expedited shipping. I did some research and stumbled upon ABS Imaging Systems, Inc. I placed my order and needed to have it quickly. I received a call and email from Bob, saying hey you're wasting your money on extra shipping. It'll be sent to you quickly since you're so close. ABS created a client for life with this personal touch. Thank you so much!..